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Safety tips

Learning the basics of boat safety is best done before your trip. No matter how much experience you have, boating safety rules should be reviewed before each departure, ensuring everyone on-board understands where the safety equipment is located and what to do in the case of an emergency.

• Knife: Have you got a sharp knife, located in a convenient and safe place?
• Rope: Have you got plenty of spare rope to hand?
• Radio: Are your radios charged and working? A radio check with the coastguard is good practice.
• Torch: Do you carry a waterproof torch and have you checked it's working?
• Liferaft: When was your liferaft last serviced? Check it and book it in, if needed.
• Lifejackets: Check your life jackets and harnesses. Book lifejackets in for servicing, if needed.
• Flares: Do you carry the correct flares and are they in-date?
• Boat hook: Always keep in an easy-to-access locker.
• First aid kit: Is the contents of your first aid kit in good order and in date?
• Fire extinguisher: Is your fire extinguisher in date and in good order?
• Charts and compass: Are they up-to-date and in good condition?
• Anchor chain and rope: Is your anchor and winch in good working order and do you have the right length of chain?
• EPIRB: Is your Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon registered and in good order?
• Lights: Check all your lights are working and that you have spare bulbs.

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